Ae Ajnabi


The most beautiful thing about a train journey is meeting strangers and sharing life stories. This sharing usually culminates in a friendship, unlike air travel. 


We discover how something we may take for granted, another person is struggling with. Such as a happily married person meeting a stranger who is divorced. While the divorced person is skilful in creating wealth, you did not succeed in it. Both share their joy and sorrow and learn from each other. It beats your loneliness and you consolidate alongside shedding your shame with each other.  [signinlocker id=”324956″]


Authentic conversation heals. People heal each other and self just by sharing their stories. It helps you shed your fear, guilt and shame. It helps you consolidate and it brings warmth and sensitivity towards each other. Eventually leading you to be more intimate with yourself.


Samvad is that platform for you. Strangers in the night exchanging glances. We do not meet anyone without a reason or purpose. One person’s problem finds a solution with another person. On this platform, you find answers to your questions and arrive at collective questions of a higher quantum. You may not bond with each other but you get freedom from your belief, ego and morality. 


Our last batch of Chetna gave us feedback. They wanted a platform where they could quickly shed their shame and move on to learning through the courseware. We deliberated in the session itself and decided that Samvad in all our programs shall take place immediately after the Aarambh session. 


Shed your inhibitions. Come together as a batch. Begin to turn inwards with the courseware. 


Thank you, Chetna Batch 19.0, for the feedback.


जाते जाते उसने कहा था,
अगली बार मिलो तोह अजनबी की तरह मिलना…
वैसे ही, जैसे मिले थे तुम पहली बार!


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

Our courses

Chetna ->

Discover the pattern which drove you to make choices to arrive at suffering. 

Treatment Program ->

3 month long Personalised program for Acute and Chronic cases.

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Nothing lives inside us without being fed by our breath.