About Us

We solve problems. Problems which probably no one solves. We find answers to the questions you do not ask. We change your question and we change probabilities of the future.  

So, what problems do we solve? We solve your problems which you know as distress or disorder or disease.  

So, we do cases which are in ICU where doctors are not hopeful. We do cancer cases which are going through chemotherapy and radiation. We work on relationship complexities, love and sexuality. We do depression and OCD and schizophrenia. We work with kids to enhance their attention span and we work with teens to help them find their direction. We work with people who cannot sleep and people who are stuck in their life. 

Any issue which involves human beings, either at emotional level, mental level or physical level- symptoms and triggers can be anything- WSolve Problems. 


How do we do it: 

We research. We have been doing it since 2010. We started with schizophrenia and widened our work to all kinds of mental disorder. We researched on all kind of suffering human beings are in.  We learned by helping people reverse their suffering and we found there is a connection. There are formulae. There are interlinks. We found everything is connected. We found emotions are connected to mind and mind is connected to body and the three of them are onein three different states i.e. like water is in the form of gas (vapour), liquid and solid (ice)