About Us

About Us

We deal with problems.

Problems which are either treated by allopathic medicine, by traditional medicine or by psychiatry. Traditionally, when problems were not solved, humanity either accepted them as fate, or sought peace in spirituality or religion or tried hopelessly whatever they felt could give them hope. Rational or irrational.

It has always left them with the question why is this happening to me? The east said it is karma and west said let us fix it through science. The question still remained unanswered and became more widespread and grave with time. 

What We do

So, what problems do we solve?

We solve any problem which concerns life. We have found how through your choices and events of life, you have arrived at suffering and applying the science, you are able to decode the patterns and discover the root cause of your problem. We classify all human problems in three categories. We call them suffering-  

  • Distress- Emotional distress
  • Mental Disorder
  • Disease

Pause for a minute.  

Think of  the issues you face in your life. You will find that you belong to at least one of the 3 categories. If not, we will help you find your problem before it shows up in later years of your life.  

All three categories correspond to health and well-being. Well-being means spiritually (spirit level), emotionally, mentally, you feel in harmony with yourself.  This means free of distress and disorders. Health, typically means being disease free. This means issues of physical body. This defines us as a health and well-being company. Health is a function of well-being. Well-being is a function of lifestyle. Before your health is affected, it will affect your well-being. This means much before you experience the disease, you will either be experiencing the distress or disorder. 

To give you the glimpse of the landscape of problems we have addressed and helped through research since 2010 

Terminal and highly chronic cases 

1. Disease:

    • Helping ICU patients to expediate recovery and at times give hope to doctors attending to the patients when medical reports are not very hopeful to them.  
    • From helping reverse chronic cases of cancer to speeding up recovery from the toxicity of chemotherapy.  Or chronic cases of lungs, liver and kidney. Actually, any disease because we do not identify your suffering with your symptoms 

2. Mental disorder: 

    • Schizophrenia to depression and sleep and anger disorder- we dealt with all of them and helped reverse them sucessfully.

3. Distress: 

    • This range is huge. Anyone and everyone with any issues. Be it mothers suffering due to children or lifestyle issues such as PCOD, infertility, sexuality, relationship, Teens facing challenges in finding direction. 
    • Business owners feeling trapped in business stagnation or corporate executives feeling stuck in their job. 

This is a very small sample of our research. We have gone far deep in any issue to find the root cause.  All of this is taught to our students through the courseware. This means there have been enough cases of family members helping their patients in ICU using the science taught to them. Yes, it is no magic. Everyone during the courses or through our book is able to see recovery and anyone with some practice can begin to help others recover. 


Who is suffering? You.

Who attracted problems? You.  

So, the cure is also within you.  

Various circumstances are just triggers. You attracted a suffering while others in the same scenario, did not. So, there is something unique about your path. We help you discover the hidden purpose behind your events and science behind the patterns of choices. 

How do we handle such a large spectrum of issues? Is it mystical or science? 


  • Root cause of your suffering lies in your life events. 
  • Your life events are result of your choices. 
  • Choices are conscious choices and subconscious choices. This means you make a choice which you do not know   you are making. 
  • This defines that you craft a unique path and trajectory of your life.
  • Choices are made in fear or in wisdom. Choices are made out of hopelessness or hope.

Based on it, we decoded a hidden algorithm which works inside all of you. We are suffering due to developing a Lack in age 0-7, tendency to hide that lack in 7-14 and empowering the patterns in age 14-21. This leads us to the loop of suffering. Each of our students decode their root cause through this algorithm during the courseware.

How do we do it: 


We teach through courseware. Online and physical. No one can cure another person. The cure is within you. As long as humanity is dependent on other people to solve their problems, humanity will continue to suffer. The cure has always been within us. We teach you a step by step scientific process to  

  • Turn you inward (You need to have broadband connection if you want to surf the web) 
  • Your own algorithm and code 
  • Techniques to heal the wounds 
  • Science of Cure 

We help you experience the cure within. We do not cure. We are researchers, teachers and mentors. We are not healers. The entire science is experience based. This means you only believe what you experience. You experience the cure within first and then it shows up in your medical records later on. 

Secret Sauce:

  1. State of meditation is state of cure 
  2. State of meditation can be attained when mind arrives at zero thoughts 
  3. If we can find a way to make any person arrive at the state of zero thoughts, cure will occur 
  4. State of meditation is the state of spirit-body-Mind balance 
  5. In this state, no suffering exists. 

We researched and decoded various simple methods to make any person arrive at the state of meditation including the person in the ICU. this should tell you how scientific our processes are. They work on everyone, in every situation and every time. In this time and space where even the average person is struggling to control his mind, we are helping people with chronic suffering to arrive at meditation. This is research. This is science. 

Is the cure permanent :

Neither your suffering, nor the cure is permanent. Everything in the universe is vibrating, nothing is fixed. Neither death not destiny. Once you practice meditation every day, it is prevention as well as the cure. It becomes a part of your lifestyle and you do not need to change your lifestyle. 

Vision and Mission

Every household has at least one person who knows how to cook and is not dependent on external agencies to eat. Likewise, every household shall have at least one person who knows how to find a cure within so that they are not dependent on an external agency.

We are committed to this vision and want to do it through all mediums such as the book, online courseware, films and physical campus


Naveen Varshneya

There are two questions that the universe planted in me during my teens, though in a rather brutal way. One of them has been decoded, for you to take it further, and this book is a testimony to it.

The second question- ‘Who am I?’ remains.

Therefore, any words in which I describe myself would perhaps be deceptive. I am W.I.P. (work in progress).

Post writing the book, this question, through more than 4 years, has only grown larger, wider and deeper, revealing more mysteries of the universe. For me, ‘Who am I?’ is to find the mysteries of the universe for humanity, for which I remain deeply intimate with each breath of mine.

Having decoded how to breathe, the universe guided me to decode the mysteries of sleep. In the last one year of my research, and this time with my core team being an integral part of it, I have been drawn through the deepest layers of mysteries and wonderment to realize how much nature is pregnant, in each moment, to reveal itself to us. I hope to soon share this with you so that you can wake up each morning and say it was a good night. 

Nothing is ordinary to me, nothing is without a reason for me and that defines how I look at every breath of mine and yours through the lenses of thoughts, insights, emotions and occurrence of events. I only see a design in everything. I do not believe it is to remain hidden. Sometimes I get it, and sometimes I remain lost in it.

I believe humanity shall be more curious about their experiences rather than looking for an inspiration in others. Therefore, it is the work that shall be experienced first before knowing the people behind them. To know about me, observe your breath. As your spirit expands, you will find me connected to you.

We all are connected to each other through the breath.

*As published in the book Meditation – The Cure (Second Edition)

Our Core Team

A team, rich in the diversity of their previously held roles in their professional careers vis-a-vis their role at Curedemy, having woven themselves into the fabric of NV Life.

Nikita Jain


Research, Teaching and Filmmaking 

Shabnam Dhaliwal

M. Sc. (Microbiology)

Planning, Process and Teaching

Tulika Mukherjee

M.S.W, B.A.

Research, Training and Teaching 

Lipika Jain

B. Com (Hons)

Teaching and Art Director 

Mihir Mohanty

QC, General management and operations 

Tapaswini Y. Varshneya

B.A. (Public Policy)

Rajat Bose

B. Tech (Telecom)

Creative Artist 

Hem Khosla

B. Com. (Hons)

Content communication and product management 

Yukti Varshney

M. Sc. (Comp. Sc.)

Technology Head


Who am I?  


Why do certain things happen to me and not to others? 

These two questions remain the basic premise for all our research. These questions led us to ask many more questions and answers were revealed to us which became the science for common people to cure themselves. Through our research, we redefined the questions as statements as follows:  

  • How our birth is not an accident, but a choice. 

  • Destiny is not fixed; we make the choices that lead to a particular outcome

We worked with people suffering from chronic issues. We attempted to investigate through the events of their lives and find out why the same event led them to suffering which to others it did not. What is the secret behind it? Say cancer or schizophrenia.  

Given the same event to two people, when one is not suffering from cancer and the other is suffering, it gets complicated to decode. The research gets deeper here where psychiatry by and large stops. Events are symptoms, choices leading to events holds the clue. Choices are conscious choices and subconscious choices. Each moment we live is a choice and each moment is an outcome of the choices we made in the past. Belief created in a moment expands or contracts the energy of hope or hopelessness and that creates a spectrum of choices available to a person. It is a vicious circle of choices leading to an event and the event further creating choices for the future. Belief is the regulator. 

This led us to go deeper into belief, emotions, spirit and soul, subconscious, chakra system, ego, the role of parents and womb in the programming and coding of tendencies to discover that there is an algorithm working inside each one of us. We do not arrive at a specific point randomly. We approached all these topics through the scientific lens to understand how they are interconnected with each other and how they impact the endocrine gland system to cause disturbance in health and well-being. Our idea was never that we decode the secret. We were clear that whatever we find, we should be able to teach in a simple way and people should be able to experience that. Simple problem. There is no scope for scepticism and faith or blind faith or placebo. It is a pure simple process you follow and you experience and your experience is your truth. 

We then published all these secrets in the book and constructed the courseware to help people reverse their suffering. 

In the process, we created parameters to monitor the progress of recovery. Checklists to do self-assessment if you are going in the right direction.  Various other checklists and checkpoints for you to monitor if you are making a mistake in following the process? Or you are unable to read the signs of recovery? And how to correct and restart.   

In this research, we established 10 quantum laws of cure.

Stay updated with our research