Naveen Varshneya is the founder of NV LIFE and the author of the book “Meditation-The Cure”. Naveen has always been the curious sorts – questioning the status quo, researching deeply about a known or an unknown subject, which led him to discover his purpose. A devoted husband and father to a creative daughter, currently pursuing her under- graduate in public policy and a zestful son who is a passionate footballer, Naveen enjoys what he calls – the fine balance of life in being a Mystic as well as a Survivor. 

Having been an archetypal serial entrepreneur and a technocrat, who is credited with international awards and recognition for his disruption to empower people, Naveen is a seasoned start-up person who built scalable businesses for two decades or more right, until the year 2009. This year was a turning point for Naveen, when he was gifted with clairaudience. This gift from the divine helped him save two ICU patients with multi-organ failure, where doctors had given up hope. Shocked and appalled with the powers, he began to contemplate an idea to find the technique to give the power to everyone. As was probably a part of the next frame in the cosmic design, a simple statement from a random book got stuck in the mind of this engineer – ‘A balanced electromagnetic field is the secret of well-being and health’. In this statement, he felt that this mystical powers can be converted into science.  

A coincidence led him to experiment on schizophrenic patient and to everyone’s surprise, his hallucination and delusion reversed in three days. Being skeptical about the scalability of this discovery, he received an insight during his meditation that these mystical powers can be decoded and converted into a science for every human to reverse their sufferings. In subsequent years, being guided, through research, meditation and seeing a wide variety of hopeless cases, which showed up through domino effect, he began to get deeper insight to    discover the science of cure and code of suffering.  

For the next 5 years, learning from each case, he applied his discoveries and found stunning results of success. In 2014, he started to teach people how to reverse their sufferings through workshops, social media and being a Speaker at TEDx and other events.  

NV LIFE is a health and well-being organization established in 2010. It has developed breathing- based processes based on quantum physics to restore optimal health. From children to chronic patients with terminal ailments to sportspersons – all have effortlessly reversed any kind of suffering.

Having perfected his science and techniques, he closed down his centre and a year later came out with the book Meditation-The Cure in June 2016. He has established, through his passionate research, that ‘The Cure is within you’. The techniques, outlined in the book, show a step-by-step process to turn inward and find the cure within. True to his vision to establish that The Cure is within You, his book, since then, has gone viral and people are able to reverse their terminal cancer and all kind of suffering without any third-party intervention  which showed up through domino effect, he began to get deeper insight to discover the science of cure and code of suffering.