Through the pandemic, we perfected the online medium, however, it had a few shortcomings- 

  • The practice session is a cure enabler and unless done and mastered in presence of teachers, it has a lesser chance of being experienced fully 
  • For the treatment program, we did extensive deep diagnosis for each student but held back almost 80% of the Diagnosis. For the whole Diagnosis to be shared, it requires a master to hold the space to let it sink in deep inside you. 
  • 2 new researches could not be fully shared or made to experience due to limitations of the right medium. 
  • How to align with nature and how to cure through the frequency of a Prahar 
  • The entire research has been on how to make our programs like a pill. This means, if OTB can be planted directly at the root cause, then after that we only need to absorb light and walk the transformed path. Deep diagnosis is aimed at that as much as the discovery of algorithm and frequency of Prahar and many other concepts which are not part of the program yet, though we did our best to include and share. 


Base Camp: 

We call it base camp because this is supposed to plant a seed at the deepest level so that your journey becomes more effortless as you practice Yog Nidra, NV Hunting, or watch the lectures. 


Who should attend? 

This program is for anyone and everyone. You do not even need to be a book reader, leave aside having gone through any of the courses. It is open to people who want to join us in our core team and this retreat will be considered a step towards Certification.  Be it a chronic patient or a business owner and everyone who wants to experience deep-level work should attend the Physical Retreat. The minimum takeaway of the retreat is anti-aging. 


Road Ahead: 

Book is a product; Courseware is a service. This program is the base for the solution. This means that based on this program, we will curate long-term mentoring program specifically for you to help you resolve all issues you face with yourself in all aspects of your life. This program comes with one year of subscription to the entire courseware. So, you walk out seeded at the root level, having learned how to experience cure with the techniques, access to the entire courseware, and our recommended blueprint for you for your future. You have three options post the retreat –  

  1. Do it yourself 
  2. Time to time enrol in any of the online programs to deepen your learning 
  3. Engage with us for your specific one-on-one mentoring for 3/6/12 months assignment. 

Note: Those who want to join us as core team and are waiting for teacher’s training program, or those who wants to become entrepreneur for our upcoming modular courseware program, this is a very apt opportunity. From here, we will pick you up for the ongoing training. 

What are Modular programs: 

All our courseware will be available in modules. That means you subscribe and do it yourself. Our entrepreneurs can be engaged by you for intervention such as Gurukul, Jigyasa, Agneya for you to experience cure is within you. Entrepreneurs can also have their own community of students who subscribe to the course, and they can coach through standard interventions. In short, do Chetan, Vedna, Manathan in your own community of friends and customers, or do it for those who come to us. Our core team will only focus on supporting our teachers/entrepreneurs who in turn are engaging with students. This year we are working on increasing our teachers by many folds. 


How will this Retreat help our alumni: 

We would like to see all our students who have attended our online treatment programs especially chronic cases, attending the retreat. This will complete your learning and you should attain higher quantum levels with your health. Your experience through the course will help you move faster and help us go much deeper through the week, as some level of work has already been experienced by you. 


Modules of the Physical Retreat 

This program has only 3 modules: 

  1. Your series of one-on-one sessions with the Faculty and the Founder 
  2. Group sessions where common thread is found and a certain amount of science must be explained, specific to the topic of the group and designed on the spot. 
  3. Practice session for all techniques- mainly master Yog Nidra. 

There are no courseware lectures to be viewed there. In rare cases, if needed, private viewing will be arranged. This retreat is to just open up layers of dark with your mentors and experience the change. Also, a caregiver will be part of the whole learning during the retreat except for the one-on-one Deep Diagnosis sessions. 


A typical day during the retreat: 

A Day at the retreat might have impromptu changes, based on the flow of energies during the retreat and also as some specific Prahar based work needs to be done in that specific Prahar. For e.g. if you have extensive insecurity, you might be meditating in 12-3 AM Prahar. However, here is a typical view 

  1. Meditation hall and various open spaces are available through the day for you to experience and practice techniques with the senior faculty
  2. A schedule will be charted for you throughout the day for your multiple one-on-one sessions with the team and then with the founder. 
  3. Post lunch: Time out for self-work/ Deep Diagnosis Sessions 
  4. Gaudhuli: Amphitheatre- Collective Formal/Informal dialogue & meet-up (as and when announced) 

12 to 4 pm will be resting time for everyone. We start our day with the first mediation in 6 to 9 am prahar. We end our day by 8 or 9 pm. 


Structure of the program: 


  • Physical Retreat for 6Nights/7Days 
  • 1 year subscription of courseware of course last attended.


Retreat Schedule: 


July 10th to July 16, 2022 (6Nights/7Days) 

  • July 10th will be the day of arrival. Check-in will be followed by settling time and an informal meet-up 
  • July 16th will be the day of check-out, post breakfast.  




 Program Fee plus accommodation Fee 


Participant only   197771/-  
Participant + Caregiver  197771/- + 77771/-  

*GST @18% is applicable 

** The Program Fee  

  • As mentioned above is in INR.  
  • GST @ 18% is applicable on the above-stated fee amount. 
  • The fee, as mentioned denotes the amount per participant  
  • Fee for the program includes payment towards the Program. Accommodation Fee is to be paid to the resort directly 
  • Traveling expenditure and arrangements are the participants’ own responsibility. 
  • The program starts and ends on the scheduled dates. 
  • Requests for a change in the finalized schedule will not be accommodated. 
  • The company follows a no-refund policy. 


The Choice of Destination 

 The retreat has the mountains calling out to us. The mystery of how Pelling unfolded to be our choice of destination for this retreat shall unfold, as we congregate together.  

The pleasant little town of Pelling is famous for magnificent views of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga range. This is as close as you can get to the Kanchenjunga range without leaving the material comfort of good hotels. The placid town pulls most of the visitors for its representative status in history, nature, and culture of the state of Sikkim. 

 The Chumbi Mountain Retreat is located in Naku-Chumbhung, a village below Pelling in West Sikkim. It is a unique resort for nature lovers in a natural environment. The resort stands tall with its unique monastic structure, which is an eye catcher for every new visitor. The structure gives the resort a very traditional heritage ambiance. Located only 45 minutes away is the Khando Sangphu cave, alongside the Phurcha Tshu hot water spring, it is one amongst the four important caves in Sikkim. 


The resort was also featured in 2018, in the September edition, amongst 15 exotic destination retreats across Asia to suit all your wellness needs 



Link to the resort location:  



 Accommodation Fee: 

ROOM TYPE Room Rent per Night For 6N/7D 
Single Occupancy 12000/- per night  72000/- 
Double Occupancy 13000/- per night 78000 

* Accommodation Fee is inclusive of GST 

** Accommodation Fee: 

  • Rates with the resort are negotiated for you by our team. Rates are negotiated for full board. You would be required to directly pay them to block your seat. 
  • Single Occupancy is suggested for all the participants based on the energy principle 
  • Double Occupancy depends upon the availability of co-participant to share the room. Team will help in co-ordination, but all formalities towards sharing will be handled by the participants going for Double occupancy. 
  • Room allotment will be on first come first serve basis 
  • Participants with caregivers joining them can share the same room. Double occupancy accommodation fee will be applicable 
  • Couples or family members attending the retreat as students, can share the room. Double occupancy accommodation fee will be applicable 
  • Allotted rooms will be updated to each participant 
  • Accommodation Fee is inclusive of all three meals (Buffet) 
  • Accommodation Fee mentioned above is inclusive of GST @ 18%. 
  • Accommodation Fee & any other expense incurred by the participant during the retreat duration should be cleared by the Participant only. 

To consult us and learn more, please reach out on 9876711117 



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