A psychiatric patient for the last 5 yrs. up until 2016

A psychiatric patient for five years, she began to read the book and hear the Facebook live chats of the author. Her faint intent to work on her issue grew stronger. 

She began using cotton all through the day. She followed the techniques exactly as taught in the book and the Facebook videos. Fear being her primary emotion. She continued with cotton and observing her breath. 

Twenty days down, each day she began to experience the change within and also her ecosystem, which was reflecting her inner state of turmoil. 

She was free from the scattered clutter of her mind. She stopped all medications. The change within her was reflecting in her ecosystem. 

Hello sir. I would like to share a few experiences with you. I have been a psychiatric patient for the last 5 yrs. up until 2016. Presently I am not on medication. Since then, I have been in the process of transforming myself. My brother introduced me to your book and I bought it… The book was there at home but I was not reading it. But something was pulling me towards the book. As I began reading it, I started with the cotton therapy without a strong intent. So, I left it after two days. But as I told you something was pulling me towards the book. I was in regular touch with your posts. And then I read you would go live on FB. And I decided I will listen to u. I listened to u very religiously. After that my intent to follow the cotton therapy and read the book became so strong that I decided to do it. I started that very moment… Many emotions started to surface. But you had told me not to get involved in the emotions, just witness them. I started doing what you wrote in the books, in videos, on live sessions… Today I’m doing it for the past 20 days without any break. 

Sir I would like to share my experience. 

First few days I was all fearful… But with my strong intent, I continued it with full faith. Slowly as time passed, days passed changes were visible. My inside started changing so much that the world inside me changed. My perceptions even began to change. I could see things clearly. I became free from attachments. I ended them. I could detach from them. I started falling in love with my husband again., I could not only see changes in me but in my family which was scattered. Today I am a happier, more peaceful person with a clear vision. My fears are there but I’m able to handle them. 

I used to take my psychiatric medicine at times when unwell. But cotton replaced the medicine. 

Sir a long way to go. But now I feel I‘m on the right path. I will continue with all that you say and of course the cotton therapy. 

I have so much faith in you and God that I cannot express it in words. 

I want to reach a level where I can join your organization and be of help to others. 

But first I will get healed, sir. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Will get back to u again to share my further improvements. 

Bye, sir. 


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