A peek into Diagnosis- Treatment Program 10

One significant event becomes a keyhole to your transformation, to an entirely different life, a unique possibility for you. This one event holds the key to your suffering.[signinlocker id=”324956″]

Here is an excerpt of the faculty’s insight, from the deep diagnosis session of ongoing Treatment Program 10.0

.Stay with your breath, for you may find in the student, a kindred spirit.

Each event that occurs for you is a result of the choices you made, whether conscious or subconscious. The diagnosis is, therefore, an attempt to decode these events, how each of the choices you made have led to a unique trajectory of your life.


Here presented is a case of a female 40 yrs of age, who has manifested suffering in the form of acute kidney disease, the root of which was the key event of her birth order.

Born as the second girl child, her survival and acute rejection was triggered in the womb itself.

Her belief being:

I am unwanted.

I do not belong any where.

Her manifestation- a life with uprooting and upheaval, which included changing homes frequently. Each event further led her to unforgiveness, for the choices she made or did not make, that would have changed the course of her life. This unforgiveness was seen as a precedent to her suffering.