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Young Adults Program​

Limited time access to a no cost, bite-sized 4 hour version of courseware

You did not ask for it. It is flowing in you with every breath. We call it life force energy. It is given to us for creative pursuits and we can also destroy ourselves with it.

Is this only given to us to consume it for sex? Are we suppose to suppress it? Flaunt it? What else it is meant for?

This is a sneak preview to our extensive Chetna courseware, to educate teens and young adults. This program is available for above 13 and below 28. It consists of video lectures of approximately 4 hours.

What is sexual desire? Where does it come from? 

Why do we have menstruation? Does it carry a secret for your health? How to have smooth painless regular periods? 

What happens to my body when I feel arousal? 

I am very hyperactive; how do I channelize my energy? 

How to develop attributes and become sensual? 

How to be a more productive sportsperson? 

Why relationships are a struggle and failure is a pattern? 

And many more questions which you always wanted to have clarity on.

1. Observation of breath: The only tool to regulate your sexual energy

2. Sleep, Breath and Sexuality: The 3 pillars of well-being

3. Why is the state of meditation the state of Cure: Role of meditation and how it is a solution to all our suffering

4. Ego: It is neither good nor bad. Learn in simple language what is ego? When to use it and when not to use it

5. Life Force Energy: The sexual energy- Its Origin, Purpose, its contribution to attributes and creativity and how suppression leads to creating destruction

For more than 10 years,we have been researching and helping people reverse all kinds of suffering (distress, disorder, disease), we established how 3 pillars of health which lie in the mystery of life are key components. The root of all suffering is seeded in creating lack in the age of 0-7 and tendency in the age of 7-14 but it remains dormant till the advent of sexual desire around the age of 12-14.

The new generation have more choices than any other generation so far and the lack of understanding of Science of Sexuality, often leads to powering up the seeds of lack and tendencies which in later years results into suffering.

Through this courseware, our objective is to sensitize our youth to learn to experience it in a constructive manner to create healthy and constructive life and relationships so that the probability of suffering in the future can be eliminated.

Humanity has been experimenting with how to look at sex and sexual desire and in the process, it has been the most complex topic for each one of us. We have always equated sexual desire to sex and therefore, either we have suppressed it or indulged in it. The void within is growing with every passing generation. In this courseware, we have attempted to educate how to witness and cultivate it. Through our research we have discovered that Sexuality is one of the 3 most vital components in restoring health and well-being.


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We solve problems. Problems which probably no one solves. We find answers to the questions you do not ask. We change your question and we change probabilities of the future.

So, what problems do we solve? We solve your problems which you know as distress or disorder or disease.


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