The state of meditation is a state of cure. Agneya was designed for students to experience the state of cure. Over time it evolved into helping students become aware of where their breath is trapped and consumed. Learn to reclaim, observe and experience the cure.  

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At Curedemy, our endeavour is to establish that the Cure lies within you. Each of our students find this out for themselves in the courses and we hold the vision that they continue the practices and techniques after the duration of the course and it becomes their lifestyle. Keeping in line with that vision is Curedemy Subscription. A Repository of the courseware and interventions, of the course attended so the students continue to deepen their learning and awareness about themselves for a stipulated time. 


If you are meditating and it is not reversing your suffering, then you are not meditating.

The State of Meditation (Yog Nidra) is the State of Cure.
While normal people struggle to meditate for hours to relieve stress, this book is the result of seven years of guiding thousands of people with chronic conditions to arrive at the State of Meditation and reverse their suffering.



A three-week long program where you decode your patterns of failures in your relationships with parents, children, partner and at work. You learn the science of cure to dissolve your stress and difficult situations at home and work.
You learn the most powerful, yet simple meditation practiced by ancient mystics but with science and process. As you practice, you discover how it takes away struggle and distress effortlessly without changing your lifestyle.

Chetna 22.0 - Sep 30, 2022


This is a three-month long program for chronic suffering. You can continue to stay with your medical treatment and attend this program to arrive at the root cause of your suffering and begin to reverse it. This program is not for terminal and acute cases. For 12 years, everyone has made a difference to their chronic condition. You can do it too.


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We are a 12-year-old research company. Our vision is to reach every household to help them cure themselves. We have thousands of hours of content that has been published as a book, courses and lecture series. We are now becoming a storyteller. We are hiring digital artists in all streams. This place is not for everyone. If you can close your eyes and see it, you can produce it as a story. You need to be a nerd and a fanatic about art.

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Are you a sceptic about science and spirituality? This is your starting point.

Several hours of content in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials and lecture videos are available on topics which relate to your own experiences and decodes your life choices. This will help you discover layers of your ego and decode the hidden wisdom in you. 

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