When Dharma, meddles in Dharma. 

  1. In Art, Intent matters- After SSR death and the backlash he received, he needed a pro-Hindutva image make-over, which was felt by his friend SRK too. When he wanted to make a film for you and I, he did KKKG. This film appears to be an attempt at a image makeover. Now, do you want to pay in?
  2. How do you Fit an Ocean into a Spoon? – Brahmastra never fails. As per our history (not mythology), it is the last resort to destroy dark forces. Its importance, when seen in the spirit of our gods and mystics is like an ocean. When shown in the hands of RK, through a modern plot and in a modern get-up it feels like KJo is trying to fit an ocean into a spoon. Is it a weapon which will destroy him or your sanity? 
  3. Badshah of North versus Bahubali of the South: Jealous Much? – When Rajamouli made Bahubali, he placed a story in that ancient time and used VFX to show the environment. He made art for the sake of art. How to create showering thunder and blazing fire via VFX is taught to beginners in any Animation School. Here the VFX seems to have been used to cover up for the inherent lack of plot, story and character. Looks unnecessary.  Besides, the original trailer was not even in 4K. What is the hurry about, boss?
  4. DostiBaniDushmani– Brahmastra- the weapon of destruction. A trailer nicely done to keep the suspense of SRK’s character. But a fraction of second into the trailer, and you see SRK with his famous arms-outstretched pose. The very least you can do to respect a subject as important as this is not put your heroism or ego at display.  
  5. Will the Real Hero Please Stand Up? -To demonstrate superpowers in a human you need a superhuman plot or a character doing superhuman acts. This is how Bahubali and KGF worked. The hero, when looking like a romantic hero, needs either a deadly plot serving mankind or saving the planet which audiences can relate to. Clearly, the former did not use VFX to cover for a hero- like Brahmastra tries to do.  
  6. Ancestery.com Could Never– As we already mentioned, this isn’t a new story. But the deliberate attempt at making it look contemporary, while being sold in pockets of ancient lore, is what doesn’t work. As is the Bandra Aesthetic In Benares. A #Bandra aesthetic to speak of about what is essentially #Benares our oldest city living?  RK looks like he has walked straight out of YJHD’s set, and Alia out of every Dharma production ever. 
  7. Kesariya Tera Concept hai Piya- Our ancestral knowledge understood that dark forces aren’t just vixens with heavy masacra, infact they were a part of our own vikriti-distortion. Somehow the cross bewteen Naagin x Wanda Vision seems to make it look otherwise. 


The most powerful weapon, the #Bhramastra is deserving of far more. We wait and watch out, to see how the force of #Brahmastra pans out- a nuclear fission or fusion.