5 Takeaways: The first 4 days of Chetna & Manthan

We found these moments of insights in the initial 4 days of our ongoing digital programs- Chetna & Manthan, hitting home! Do read on to explore your insides and the code of your issues & problems.


#1 Thoughts: Observation floods it, Suppression makes it blank.



Science of Cure explains beautifully how we place thoughts to suppress, regulate, control, or express emotions and as we connect with our breath, thoughts start diminishing and the underlying emotions come into our awareness and that is the Cure.
“I don’t have any thoughts.” – Is that you?

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Please be wary and check the thought that you have placed to avoid facing the deluge of thoughts and underlying emotions so that you can survive. Isn’t that the cause of our suffering – suppression of those emotions and manipulation of thoughts, leading to the toxicity only increasing by the day as we do so?
The science is simple – observe these thoughts and the emotions underlying them. Let us experience the healing that happens as we do so.


#2 Switch the Emotion – Is this the mistake that you are making?



Switching the emotion or placing another emotion to avoid being with one emotion is nothing but again placing a thought to not be with the emotion which makes you unstable. Why do we brush away and switch the emotions that we are naturally experiencing in a moment? If it’s making us feel toxic, is it not logical to allow the emotion to release itself on its own? Emotions have motion! The breath has all the answers that each one of us is looking for, and also the Cure that we are all desperately searching for.
As you stay with your breath, the suppressed emotions will surface and you have to just stay with your breath and keep the emotion in your awareness.


#3 Three Generations, One Loop of Suffering. 



She always saw her mother as someone flawless; the most sought-after person in the family and social circle – absolutely in control of everything and managing it all so well – her life, her kids, her home, her social life. There was no apparent lack, tendency, or pattern. She had no suffering.
But as she inched closer to this façade of perfection, she was able to see her mother’s Ego – ‘I am the most sought after’ and just underneath that, lay her belief ‘I am worthless.’ She realized how worthless her mother felt as a woman. Her Aha moment was when she was able to recognize her judgment towards her mother. Thereby she arrived at her Loop of Suffering, which was a mirror image of her mother’s Loop of Suffering.
A tale of two women- immersed in worthlessness. Mother and daughter united in Pain.
And as she connects with her mother’s pain, the cycle of it passing down the generations begins to dissolve.


#4 God will save us– Belief or Ego?



How often do you say – ‘God will save us’? Have you ever wondered what it is – your belief or your Ego? If it is your Ego, the underlying belief is the opposite of it – ‘I can’t save myself.’ What does this feeling of not being able to save yourself or protect yourself make you feel? Lonely or Unworthy?


#5 Desire vs. Vengeance



Raw desire opens at 14-21 >> Curiosity to experiment >> Attracts event of Unworthiness (Bug) >> Feels Hurt >> Vengeance >> Raw sexual energy goes in Dark.
This creates a pattern where every time sexual energy is acknowledged, it continues to go in Vengeance and Dark.
This is like a bottomless pit; no amount of work done would ever be enough to fill it up. The nature of vengeance can be understood by exploring the morality, ego, belief, behavior & emotions hidden there.



Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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