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5 Symptoms that your Immune System is not Optimal

In an ideal perfect world, every breath you take goes to each cell and that is how the natural immune system continues to fight trillions of germs and viruses round the clock.  As we grow, our breath is affected by events of our life, therefore, we have to do some extra work to bring the body back to rest position, to rejuvenate by restoring the optimal immune system.

Times like Pandemics where the virus is mutating which means we need more power in our immune system to fight more powerful virus puts extra pressure to work on getting the body back to the state of rest.

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The immune system depends primarily on these two factors:

  1. Are we breathing optimally? and
  2. Level of toxicity: If we have more toxicity accumulated than oxygen produced, it will put pressure on the immune system.

This is simple to understand as income and expenses. You cannot have more expenses than income to be healthy.

There are five structural and postural checks:

  1. Physical body structure: With time, it changes. We do not realize it. We simply call it, the ageing process. While we know so many people around us who are our age or more and yet they look younger. The reason your body structure is distorting is that it is trying to contain various negative emotions and traumas of your past which you have not cured yet. Here are some quick ways to check the same:
    • Backbone: If it is not straight, it means your oxygenation is not optimal. You can quickly check the same by standing and observing your breath. You will find it to be shallow, jerky, or rapid.
    • Walk: This is the most elaborate and full-proof method to know a lot more than just knowing your immune system. Ask someone to take a video of your walk from behind as you walk a few meters in the corridor or living room. Ensure that you walk in your usual way and you are not changing anything. If you discover jerks or stiffness in some part of the body, that means you are holding some emotions in that part. Now walk again, by straightening that part and you will know the emotions you are holding and will discover that it is also changing your breathing pattern. Your arm and hip movements reveal more secrets about you. If movement is not in harmony, you are holding a lot. Watch these movements intricately in the videos you make.
    • Jaw muscles: You hold a lot of anger and grudges here and that obstructs your breathing.
    • Press your upper lung area with your thumb a few times. You will notice that now your breathing is getting deeper. This is for diagnostics. Do not assume your lungs are cleared forever. Soon that will be blocked again.
  2. Sleep: Sleep is the cure for everything. But before concluding that, a simple way to know how good is your immune system is to check how you wake up. If you have thoughts or emotions of the past or anxiety of work in the first few moments when you wake up, that means you did not sleep well and your mind consumed most of the oxygen which was meant for the body.
  3. Balanced electromagnetic field:
    • Stand up
    • Close your eyes
    • Observe your breath and relax for a few seconds to stabilize in this posture
    • Be straight but not stiff
    • Bring attention to your legs
    • Check if you feel a balanced weight on each leg
    • If not, that means your electromagnetic field is not in a balanced state
  4. Breathing: This is simple and quick and a direct indication
    • Close your eyes
    • Observe the breath
    • Do not try to change your breathing
    • Just watch

Is it deep? Does it reach your navel? If not, you are certainly taking less oxygen per breath than you should for the immune system to be optimal.

  1. Emotions and Behavior: If through the day your mind is occupied by a lot of thoughts or negative emotions of the past, then you are already consuming oxygen to process them and that leaves lesser oxygen for the body. This is your toxicity. No matter how much exercise you do, it does not make your immune system optimal.



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