Aarambh (Session: 7 – Enriched Courseware)


“A brand-new year, a new decade, a new beginning of Hope-Healing-Harmony”  

A 2-Minute Read 

1. ALERT: 

 Chetna 7.0 and Vedna 6.0 began on 7th January 2021 

To access your courseware log into – https://www.curedemy.com/groups/chetna-7-0/ 


What has changed: 

  • Chetna: Three main themes, one for each week namely –  

              WK-1: Algorithm & Science of Cure  

              WK-2: LOS (Loop of Suffering) 

              WK-3: Basics of Sexuality 

  • LOS brought in from Vedna to deepen your learning and build the ground 
  • Sexuality moved into Vedna, being an advanced level course 
  • Gurukul: On appointment basis: You book a 7-minute slot for yourself 
  • Morning Agneya session: continues to be your grounding mechanism 
  • Session hand-books are now part of each module – refer to courseware tab  


  • Create your profile on the homepage, add your latest picture: this helps us to relate to you, and personalize the response to your query on the forum.  
  • Log into zoom call 5 minutes earlier, settle in your space, and be ready to begin. 
  • Always keep your camera on: helps to connect with you during the session.  
  • No eating, talking, or any other distractions during the session. Such students will be logged out and will be put in wait in the lobby until they are ready to re-join. 
  • Share your queries, issues, and insights at the forum to connect to fellow students and benefit from each other’s learnings.  
  • Keep the queries crisp with the flow of – Issue, Symptoms, and Question in the same order to enable an optimal response from us.  
  • Access your forums daily to be in touch with session announcements, updates, etc.  
  • Morning Agneya session is necessary to attend to ground your learnings. 
  • Keep reading the book- It is your foundation to the science of cure. 


OTT: Observe the Thought: Write down your thoughts to calm down a highly active mind 

Use of Cotton: Balances your Electro-Megantic Field and kick-starts healing 

OTB: Observe the Breath: Turns you inward, expedites healing 

NV Swimming: Your 3-step guide to Yog Nidra (state of cure) 

 Watch the FAQ Videos on these topics athttps://www.curedemy.com/faqs-videos/  


  • Chetna: Awakening. The beginning of being aware of your suffering and emotions  
  • Vedna: Pain and its acceptance to connect back to your spirit  
  • Book: Meditation The Cure– how miraculously you will always arrive at the wisdom, and to the answers you have been looking for, and the insights towards your journey.