Are you struggling to resolve your child’s issue?

Mother & Child 

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Are you able to hunt or getting stuck in the Mind?

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  • Are you struggling to resolve your child’s issue?
  • Approaching the cure for your child with ambition will not help.
  • Sincerity, Discipline, and Commitment are all that you need.


“We never work on the child, but on the mother, as she nurtures the child in her womb.  Whether she had an easy or difficult pregnancy and did she pass on the tendencies & beliefs to her child, or took all the pain to hold back, will largely determine if the child is a prodigy or a survivor”. 

Naveen Varshneya, Author – Meditation The Cure 


Read More about pregnancy and passing on sanskar. 

The key tenets of our research and solution are  

  • Algorithm 
  • The transition from womanhood to motherhood 
  • Uncut cord 


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“Today was my first session of NV Hunting. The defrosting helped as it took me back with ease to the age of 14 to 21 in reverse order. I was amazed at the details I could recollect and to my amazement, my breathe has never been this smooth.  A long way to go still but it was very helpful as I felt a lot lighter after the session.” 

 Madhu Kabra, Chetna 6.0 Student 



खुदा से आज लड़ कर मैने खुदा को भी रुलाया है, 

क्या जन्नत में परी नहीं थी 

जो तूने मेरी माँ को बुलाया है| 

बहुत बरस बीत गएमें भी सुकून से सोना चाहता हूँ 

माँ के आँचल में सर रख के में भी रोना चाहता हूँ| 

कदर नहीं की माँ की आज यह मैने जाना है, 

इसलिए आज हर शख्स की माँ को अपनी माँ माना है| 

डर कर खुदा बोला में हर जगह नहीं रह सकता , 

हर माँ में हूँ , यह किसी को कह नहीं सकता| 

Contributed by Shyamm Bhhatia – Chetna 6.0 Participant


Shyamm Bhhatia’s self-expression is so compelling and too good to resist. Sharing here with all of you!