We all have Mental Disorder

“Our quality of life, thus wellbeing, is not a victim of our busy life and hard work as much as it is of growing hopelessness through such situations. Each such occurrence erodes our trust in self and the faith in life”.

Naveen Varshneya

Picture this.

The enthusiasm and warmth of a new relationship. She has learned from her past relationships that she must go slow. But it is this very past that catapults her into repeating a pattern- and she ends up feeling rejected, unloved, used. 

Or this.

Every time he felt a service provider in a restaurant or a shop had lapsed in service delivery, he felt anger. Rage. For him, it meant that they tried fooling him, only to realize, much later, that he overreacted. 

So, what is Mental Disorder?

Mental Disorder is a state in which we do not have control over our behavior or on our feelings or on our thoughts. They get triggered in us by some external or internal situation. For example, old trauma, when invoked, may trigger obsessive thoughts; and at that moment, we feel completely incapable or unstable to contain ourselves. 

No one, including our own selves, identifies this as a disorder; for what is seen outwardly is the “managed” stability & composure. All of this, whilst internally feeling nervous and fearful or unloved. 

This is the exact point where your conscious and subconscious are split and are at war to win over the other. Such is not the case when you are in love or when you are living a life pursuing your passion. There your heart ( subconscious) and your mind( conscious) is one.