Meditation The Cure… Highly recommended book for those who seek to heal themselves..


Meditation-The Cure… I found this book to be a guiding light in the discovery of oneself.

In today’s world when we have much restlessness outside and inside it imbibes how to be still and rejuvenate your inner self. It teaches you how to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally at all levels. Instead of looking for a cure for your ailments outside and popping in pills for every ailment you can think of, it teaches you to look inside and you will find all you need…

I bought this book in April 2018 and have not been able to put it down since then.

It explains the essence of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through breathing techniques in a very simple and easy manner with practical examples. Then there is a FB support group to guide you further in mastering the techniques. All you need to do is show intent and commit to it with all sincerity and discipline and the cure is in your hands. I would recommend this book for doctors for helping their patients, teachers for helping their students, for parents for raising their kids and for families for happy living together.

A must buy. This is a kind of book which will transform you and your perception towards life.