A very powerful healing tool

This book is my gateway to a miracle. It is an amazing read and explains that the key of well being is in our breath. If the 3 pillars of well being – breath, sleep and sexuality are in tune there cannot be disease/disorder in a body. The book goes on to explain techniques to bring wellness into our lives.
The book has had and continues to have a tremendous influence on my life.
I am a 43 year old woman suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 13.5 years. Since the last 7-8 years the disease was getting worse day by day. I was losing function in my joints and losing mobility. The pain and swelling was excruciating My life was losing all meaning and I was in the depths of despair.
I was going from pillar to post searching for remedies. Allopathy , Homepathy , Naturopathy , Ayurveda , Acupuncture , PEMF – you name it I had tried it. I had even visited a healer (or two) – I was so desperate (only to be divested of my life-savings measuring lakhs of rupees – with no results).
I was in the depths of despair – resigned to life in a wheelchair ( I was just half a step from being confined to a wheelchair). I could not climb stairs (even a single step would make me cringe in excruciating pain). I could not walk (or even hobble) without using a cane for support. There were days when I did not feel like getting out of bed – because really “What was the point?”
Then I stumbled upon NV Life on Facebook and on a whim bought the book and then kept it in my drawer (and forgot about it). One day I opened the book and started reading – went straight to Chapter 3 and read about the 3 techniques. I decided to start with cotton and circling and then move on to NV Swimming. I wasn’t really able to get the hang of NV Swimming (leave alone effortless YogNidra).
However just with cotton and observing breath and an occasional circling – I was slowly but surely getting better. The leg pain started reducing and in time I was able to walk better without the cane. I was slowly able to climb some stairs. I no longer use the cane. I can feel my knee joint healing .Each day I am slowly and surely getting better. I have now realized that my path is no longer pointing to spending the rest of my days in a wheelchair.
I have gotten back my faith and I now live in hope – that itself has restored my trust in humanity. This is all because of the book “Meditation – The Cure”. This book is a true treasure and is worth much more than the price it sells for. It is my gateway to hope and gives me a glimpse of how much I can heal myself. I am truly grateful that I bought the book and read it.
I also express my profound gratitude to Naveen ji for writing this book – which is helping me and countless other sufferers like me get started on the path of healing.