He realised how anger towards his mother was reflected in his paintings and his OCD. 

NV Life Research & Treatment Centre 

“Since childhood women were a subject of mystery and curiosity for me. As a result of feeling rejected by my mother-after my younger sister’s birth-I have been in search of my mother in every women. I tried to find my mom in them and this trapped me in a loop, which triggered Depression, OCD and suffering in me.” 


Certification Program I, Pondicherry Retreat 

Nov 2018 


As I entered the Quiet Healing Centre in Pondicherry, I loved the aura around the place. The roaring of the sea, the beautiful greenery all around and the beautiful sea breeze were so refreshing. Our room was sea facing and I loved the energy in and around the place .  

The first day in the evening we all had an evening get together. Naveen Sir set the vision and the tone for the retreat. Naveen Sir instructed that in coming 8 days of retreat none of us will practice any one the NV Life Techniques. It was very hard to digest this instruction because I came to the retreat with an assumption that we would practice, and master all the techniques, rigorously. I had been to NV LIFE 6 times before ( 3 times treatment in Bangalore NV LIFE Centre+ 1 SWAHA Udaipur + 1 Delhi workshop + 1 Delhi meet ) and for the first time he said not to do any of the techniques. I felt this Certification retreat would be very interesting. 

Naveen Sir later clarified that this is the retreat where we would take the attention from ourselves and learn the ART OF BEING HUMAN and learn the ART OF GIVING. We planned to start the Certification retreat with the blessings of Sri Aurobindo; and so as planned we went to Aurobindo Samadhi to meditate. I felt the deep silence and very high energy of that place. I sat down for “WHO AM I” meditation along with others, went into Yog Nidra and felt very calm inside. I felt like staying at that place and feeling the silence. After sometime we left Sri Aurobindo’s Samadhi and came to Quiet Healing Centre and gathered in the hall to kickstart our session. 

The first day we learned that to be a normal simple human being, we must first learn the ART OF GIVING. We learned that to become a simple normal human being, we need to be a SURVIVOR for only 20 percent and a MYSTIC for 80 percent out of 24 hours a day. If most of the time our attention and consciousness is on Survival then we are just like any other animal but not human. We were formed in pairs and we had to study each other’s form and diagnose the root cause of suffering and discover the common pattern among us. I was amazed to see that each pair had similar pattern among themselves. I realized that this was not an accident; that we all had a soul promise in one of our past lives- that we would meet up again in some time and space to contribute something together to this mother earth.  

As the days passed our training on how to diagnose case of any patient intensified. The learning was immense. We learned: 

That in the process of identifying the pattern and root cause of any case we end up actually knowing our own pattern.  

We attract patients who mirror our own tendencies and patterns.  

We can only receive if we start giving unconditionally. 

The basic purpose of human life is to contribute to the nature.  

If we have contentment, giving would take us to bliss. If we ourselves are not contented then the act of giving would take us to pain.  

Reversing our beliefs around food, money and sex.  

Future Hunting for 7 years , then 1 year, then 6 months and then 3 months  

We will only be able to do future hunting if we do not have the same beliefs and negative emotions that we used to have around Age 14 to Age 21. 

That we could only hold space for the patient, with hope in future, if we have ourselves dissolved our beliefs and key negative emotions around age 14 to 21.  

The job of an effective coach is to diagnose and identify one point through which the Coach could crack through the patient and hold space for the patient, with a vision around  the area of treatment.  

It is so very important for a coach  to increase our own aura by dissolving our own beliefs and patterns. 

We learned about male and female energy and pros and cons of each.  

women has both light and some element of dark in her. A woman has both Durga and Kali in her. So there is a grey shade to every woman; but we males fail to acknowledge the grey in a women and are programmed to identify them as fully light or fully dark.  

We learned about the complexity of male sexuality.  

Since childhood women were a subject of mystery and curiosity for me. As a result of feeling rejected by my mother-after my younger sister’s birth-I have been in search of my mother in every women. I tried to find my mom in them and this trapped me in a loop, which triggered Depression, OCD and suffering in me. The wisdom about sexuality of men and women is I feel the most liberating and best take away from this retreat. Gaining wisdom about the feminine energy is enlightening and liberating for me.  

During the retreat I realized how much love and compassion Naveen Sir and  each one of the NV LIFE participants in the retreat have for me and that realization was overwhelming. I felt immense love and care from each one. I felt a special bonding and connection with Sharayu and Tulika. I received alot of love, care, compassion and wisdom from them, which was at times overwhelming for me. While Sharayu helped me connect with my pain, Tulika helped me connect with bliss or Vice Versa. I felt immense love and compassion for them. But I also had a fear of loss of love and rejection associated with this. I am aware that this is rooted with rejection from Mother.  

I was getting a common feedback from Naveen Sir, Anjana, Simren , Annu ji and Abha– that my paintings were missing a soothing touch. I could not understand that. After the last meditation on Naveen Sir, I realized, for the first time, that my paintings so far were reflecting anger towards my mother.  

I realized that I was still not singing and painting for self-expression or for my spirit. I was doing it for someone else. I was told that my singing has improved but my painting has not. I realized that I do it best when there is no expectation attached to it. I decided that for sometime I would paint only for expressing myself and my passion; not for earning my living. I realized that I do things best when I do it from the heart,without any expectation of return from it.  

I would say this without any doubt that since my school days, this time which I spent in Pondicherry Retreat was the best time I have ever spent. I left Pondicherry with a very heavy heart, loads and loads of love and gratitude for the universe, Naveen Sir and each fellow Participant; and with billions and billions of beautiful memories which will always remain special in my heart. Everything about this retreat- starting from coaching, training, evening bonding is very very special and very close to my heart. I am not sure whether I felt so nostalgic about it after leaving my School or College. I am in tears as I write off this last Para.  I am in reverence towards the Universe and looking forward to start giving.  


Rajat Bose 



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