How Disorders are formed?

Mental Disorder is a disease at mind level. Like distress and disease, it is also caused by imbalance in the Emotion-Body-Mind trio.

Here is the theory developed by us. We have been doing healing of all kinds of disorders based on it

  1. When an event(s) creates a bigger impact than our faith in life, it triggers the beginning of a mental disorder.
  2. Primary symptom at the emotional level is being in a “state of hopelessness”.
  3. State of hopelessness leads to death of curiosity which leads to feeling disappointed with self.
  4. Disappointment to self triggers mind to get involved in excessive negative thinking about self.
  5. This brings an imbalance in the trio, which by now is already in state of depression.
  6. When this imbalance sets in the body, this is where chemistry of the body begins to show up.

This is a slow and gradual process. Often one event is not enough to set the disorder. Grounding mechanism to let out the pressure plays a vital part in preventing disorder. Earlier, joint family, faith and community provided that grounding mechanism.

Faith is trust in the unknown and trust is faith in the known

Faith in God is to have faith in unknown. It has offered us strength to trust future. This meant trusting life in those moments when events created the “No hope” situations.

Joint families or the support of family has always acted as insurance in such situation. Family provides us a supply of multiple layers of hope and love to us in such situations: this offered acceptance of self even when we made mistakes. Imperfection was normal and there was not so much pressure to evolve and survive that it had power to erode our faith in life and trust in self.

When a child is subjected to pressure for studies, he/she has the strength to take the pressure if there is a support system he can trust. Death of a loved one can not be so devastating that child loses hope for his future. But what if it did?

This is where seeds of disorders are sowed in the system, if no grounding mechanism is provided in order to release this pressure. It gets stored in the body and more of such events keep increasing and get stored inside. This imbalances the system and in order to balance the stored energy within, disorder is the way to stabilize self.

Every culture has rituals to deal with loss or pressure. In case of death in the family, India has tradition of 13 days of living in sorrow to ground it. Friends and society make sure everyone cries and releases the sadness. Religious yet spiritual chants and worshiping is designed to give wisdom to the grieving family to let go of attachment and restore faith in life.

If not, depression sets in. Depression is a state in which person is making all efforts to balance between restoring faith in life and keeping pressure under control. It is last attempt by the person to survive as a normal being.

For a person in depression, the slightest exposure to negative nature may be strong enough to break the survival instinct of the person and to set the path for a more serious mental disorder such as OCD, Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. If the ego is stronger, then in order to survive such losses or pressure, a person may get into another kind of disorder such as OCPD, anger disorder, hyperactive disorder, addictions to people, sex or substance etc or simply being destructive for self or for others.