7 Quantum Principles Of Healing For Health, Happiness And Relationship

  1. Everything is vibrating in the universe and nothing is fixed, so is death and destiny

Disease/ suffering is a frequency vibrating at lower quantum plane while joy and peace vibrates at higher plane. Cure is a journey to move up from lower range to higher range of frequency and sustain at that level. So when an ICU patient is declared “No hope” by doctors, that is lowest vibratory level, where patient has no option but to give up. All we do in such cases is to raise the vibrations of patient, which gives him a choice to decide to “give up” or LIVE. That is why destiny and death are not fixed (but certain) and this is how our work started.

  1. Breathing is the only link between life and mystery

Breathing carries the code (purpose of life) in our subconscious. It being an autonomous process, requires no attention. When breathing is brought in attention, it begins to decode the purpose of our lives. Aligning with the purpose through attentive breathing, raises the vibration and then the choices made by us become effortless actions.

  1. Our conscious mind is programmed since childhood for survival and follows the patterns carried by spirit through various births

Programming for survival, creates distance between conscious and subconscious. A split in subconscious and conscious is thus created is what we commonly say conflict between heart and mind. Yog Nidra is the state where conscious mind drops and merges with subconscious. This is the state in which subconscious mind downloads the code to conscious mind and begins to align with the purpose of life.

  1. It is a planet of duality. Imbalance in male and female energies (electromagnetic field) is the trigger behind misery/disease and disorder

And in turn responsible for lowering the overall frequency. Gradually, as we continue to live in lower frequency zone, we stabilize in that state and begin to accept our state of misery as our own self. To be stable in that specific plane is to be in harmony with its own derivative ecosystem, and thus we attract realities which makes us further stable in that plane. This deepens our stability in that frequency zone and we call it chronic. This imbalance in our male and female energies to lower our frequency is caused by disturbance in breathing. Breathing is disturbed by emotions. Emotions are the language of the spirit and are created by our experiences. Our experiences are manifested by our belief and belief are coded in our subconscious and do not get the chance to heal as conscious mind disconnects due to survival obsession.

  1. The problem with the problem is that it does not allow us to focus on the problem

It generates emotions and thoughts and drifts our focus away from problem. When a bowler throws a ball, Sachin has a problem, so is the problem with Messi. They are able to handle it effortlessly with absolute focus, concentration and power, to become legends. How can we transform ourselves to be legend and champion of our life? What is the formula which connects power, focus, vibration, breathing with success and bliss?

  1. To remain focused on a problem is an ability to LIVE in NOW

Our mind is haunted by past and thus creates negative emotions for the future. Like a pendulum, it swings between past and future. The only way to live in the present is to merge the past in the present without its joy and sorrow. This will effortlessly hold the vision of future in that moment with curiosity, joy and wonderment. This expands our consciousness and higher consciousness is higher vibratory level.

  1. Rule of spirit -body-mind

When mind and body are in union with each other, spirit (through emotions) begins to flow and that is called integration of Spirit-Body-Mind. This is the state of meditation. This is achieved by becoming thoughtless. We are naturally gifted to attain it through love making. How to attain the same state in spirituality and spread it through the day? Sexuality and spirituality are the two faces of the same coin.

These are the 7 principles which are the foundation of the treatment carried out by us, in all chronic and complex cases across health, happiness and relationship. These 7 principles are packed together in a program called A course in “Science of Life”, which is base program for almost all patients as treatment and is taught as wellness/ prevention in workshops (do it yourself kit)