Phobia – When Fear Inflicted With High Power Gets Frozen

Phobia in itself is not such a cause of worry as much as its side effects are. Almost every one of us have one phobia or the other phobia and it is not a disability in our daily life as long as we take some precautions. Phobia gradually gets coded in our system like a dormant virus and gets triggered in specific situation. Its side effects are very alarming as they tend to form base for other diseases and disorders as well as begin to erode overall happiness on a daily basis.

There are 2 main forms in which phobia are witnessed:
Going to swimming pool for the first time or looking down from height for the first time, one may discover that he has phobia. In such cases, memories are often coming from subconscious mind.

Second form of phobia is when either we fail at something and it causes serious threat to our perception of self or when we face a dangerous situation (life threatening).

FEAR when inflicted with high power gets frozen (hard coded) and becomes a Phobia. Once magnetized person builds all strategies to survive in such a way that phobia is not triggered. Hence lot of life force energy is constantly invested in managing phobia to remain dormant, thus affecting overall quality of life.