Couple Retreat- Why do we want to nurture the dark? 


  • Why do we want to nurture the dark? 
  • This time and space support individuality. 
  • “can we eliminate suffering we induce in our partner and yet feel our own individuality?” 
  • Having run digital programs throughout the pandemics for around 500 people or around 400 households, the lamp is lit.
  • The GPS to be integrated as you drive your choices. 
  • It is all about the loop of suffering and this creates a perfect ground for SVAHA. 

 Everything felt a natural progression and effortless when we conceived couple’s retreat in mid-October. It was a natural next quantum in our vision to take cure to every household. There are always more than many factors when we conceive a program but most important remains the insights which we nurture and unless we feel guided, we do not proceed forward with any of our initiatives internally or in external world. 

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It was conceived as few of you had been asking us. It was conceived as we got the feedback that even after doing Manthan, you were struggling or falling back due to the influence of relationships and more precisely due to hopelessness with the partner. After all, disease is a norm as we grow older, though the roots are in your lack, but regular and constant trigger to push in the disease is the relationship you have. The timing seemed to be just right to break free from the fatigue of WFH. Having run digital programs throughout the pandemics for around 500 people or around 400 households, the lamp is lit.  

The enquiry we were in was, “can we eliminate suffering we induce in our partner and yet feel our own individuality? That waexactly the intent. The retreat was not about making couple fall in love all over again. If it was so, that would have been just natural outcomeBut important is to have grace in the relationship before love. 

It is a norm, that each one of you experience relief from suffering. If any, exceptions are rare and feeble in nature.  You experience internal shift and you no more remain the same person. However, it has put demands on some of you as your partner and ecosystem requires to deal with a new you. Being at disadvantage due to ignorance, couple retreat was a way to bring families together. Its courseware was gift of divine which we put up on website. Its scope was vast. In simple words, it was an attempt to in a way lay the foundation for sanitizing the entire family from the impact of dark.  g 

In Manthan, you began the process to learn how to burst dark to prevent probability of occurrence of unfortunate events such as unexpected loss in business, sudden accident and fatal diseases. This retreat was to take you further up on this path.  It was designed to handle the most chronic issue of every household for thousands of years, “influence of in-laws and integration with larger ecosystem of relatives, living together or separate. The last but not the least, it was to handle your current ailments. 

All of it sounds tempting. We were also temped by universe and courseware and structure was flowing effortlessly till we looked at all the feedback and got a sense of frequency of potential and registered participants. We saw a massive mismatch. 8 couples who confirmed and 6 more who were almost confirmed, told us that this retreat needs to be redesigned. it is much ahead of its time and so needs to be positioned differently. We learned few things which I would like to share with all of you here- 

  • This time and space support individuality. We heard from a lot of you that you wanted to come alone for the retreat and if coming with partner, then agenda is to fix the partner. The Isolation, you have created for yourself, seems a nice working arrangement for you which you do not wish to disturb. 
  • Each one of you was excited about the courseware and possibilitybut for self to move towards purpose, solitude and sensuality. Of course, each one of us wants to be sensual and attract more and more love and joy in our life. Svaha is the program for that.  
  • So, this retreat shall become a digital courseware at basic level and would now reach to a much larger audience breaking the boundaries of a physical retreat. We are very excited about this. 
  • It shall be positioned for young couples or singles attempting to be in a relationship but failing to attract or sustain or nurture.  
  • If physical retreat, then Upper age limit shall be 36 just to keep the attention on young and would-be couples who are looking forward to embracing the science and would benefit immensely in the formative years of their married life 
  • We gained a lot through this program since announcement till now. Our core team went through massive realizations and could remove the dark from their own relationships and ecosystem. Yes, we lost 6 weeks. But loss of efforts is never considered a loss at NV LIFE as long as it has raised our consciousness and has taken us deeper in our research and learning.  

The most beautiful thing which we learned and would like to share with you is that people above 36 who have consolidated their relationships are deeply and sincerely wanting to dig deeper within to find the meaning of their life and lead a more meaningful life. West did that by disrupting the institution of family and landed up being lonely. Learning from them and having strong roots in our own culture, East is doing it through a safer route by staying in the relationship and exploring choices for their worthiness. 

East and west- It is all about the loop of suffering and this creates a perfect ground for SVAHA. Courseware built around energy body and void to link it to the algorithm to be able to see your full matrix in any situation before making a choice. The GPS to be integrated as you drive your choices. 



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 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

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