10-on-10: Insights from Aarambh Season 10

10 seasons of Digital Programs • 10 levels of Innovation • 10 months of Integrated Learning


#1 What is the meaning of changing vibratory levels? How does it translate into becoming a cure?

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#2 Why Love doesn’t last?

When you fall in love, you are not able to sustain the love after some time. Since childhood, each one of us has been trained to control emotions. So, we try to control love as well and it disappears as we try to manage love.


#3 Is Cure reversible?

Walking towards the cure is increasing your vibratory level; as you work to increase your vibratory level you move out of your suffering towards the Cure. It’s a choice. You can choose to return to the lower vibratory level and delve into the suffering.
The cure is within you. If you are hungry, you have to eat the food, no one else can eat for you.


#4 Does affirmation work?



Affirmation is a thought. Affirmation may work in some situations where it is an issue of survival.

Changing the vibratory level cannot be done by changing thoughts. Changing the thoughts does not work because the only job of thought is to suppress, regulate, express or control an emotion. Therefore, for vibratory levels to change and thoughts to change, we need to deal with emotions.

Suffering lies suppressed in the subconscious, as these suppressed emotions from various past events and traumas come to your awareness, the suffering disappears and that is the Cure.


#5 What can kill the desire, keenness, or ability to learn?

Ego is the gatekeeper whose job is to keep you outwards and obstruct the path of turning and finding the Cure within. So, all the accomplishments in life, social status, past knowledge has to be kept aside to find the cure within. It hasn’t helped to mitigate your suffering so far, nor would it help now as you walk towards finding the Cure within.


#6 Why does one keep falling back to Suffering even after trying so many healing modalities? 

The problem is in your awareness and you want to fix it, but you never questioned if that was enough.
If the losses are high or the debt to be paid is huge, it will not get over in a day. A consistent effort will have to be made till the critical mass is achieved.
The question to be asked here is: What stops me from walking the path when I know that is the Cure?

Algorithm would take you to the root cause of this and then you will be able to fix it with the Science of Cure.


#7 Why Loop of Suffering is a targeted approach to your Quantum Jump?
You must be able to witness the loop of suffering in your everyday life. Everything that you say or do in your life is to hide your unstable emotion. Your unstable emotion gives birth to your LoS. This is the reason why the foundation of your survival is fragile.
Now, would you rather break it brick by brick or would you rather go directly to the foundation and hit it. The latter will result in your LoS collapsing on its own.
The final quantum jump of dismantling your LoS is enabled by the techniques taught in Manthan- acknowledging dark and fantasy.
#8 Loop of Suffering – its significance in Soul Journey

What’s hidden in Loop of Suffering is the journey of our soul.
This is depicted in Bhagwad Gita. That if you are here – you are here for a purpose, as Krishna showed Arjun that this is not about your cousins – this is much larger than that, it is about dharm (duty) in your soul journey.
When the layers of LoS are so far and many, what’s subconsciously playing is that “I wish this LOS ends so that I can get back to my old life in a better way.”


#9 Why transformation brings Pain? Transformation means you can’t operate from an old paradigm.
You can’t do what you did before the way you did it before.
This should pain you and this should also bring you bliss.But do you have a curiosity that I am changing now? This is not a mere journey of one lifetime but of several lifetimes that have brought you to this point. Would you now choose bonds that hold you back or would you accept the wisdom to let go of certain bonds/habits that don’t serve your newfound frequency?
#10 Who is invested most in your transformation? A change in perspective is imperative here.
It is the people who trigger you the most, the people you blame for everything wrong in your life.
At an energy level, they are taking the pain to teach you what you need, to make the quantum jump. They take the heat for it and yet, they relentlessly invest themselves in your transformation.They are your healer and teacher. But this change of perspective calls for an expansion in your consciousness.[/signinlocker]


Meditation – the cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

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