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Our approach is a scientific synthesis of wisdom of ancient scriptures in simple logical way and uses Swar Yog principles to establish science of breathing. 

Discover the cure within and change your life forever. 


The cure

 “I just have one belief; I do not believe human life is for suffering”

Naveen Varshneya 

A Life-changing Experience

This book made me witness the enormous power that lies within. There are simple techniques in the book that made me know myself better. Since practicing the techniques with a certain discipline I have had elevated levels of energy and unexplainable joy. The other effect of the techniques in good health. 

I highly recommend the book and the practice of these techniques.  

P.S. It's also a very engaging read 



Meditation The Cure by Naveen Varshneya is a very well-researched book that brings the mystic world to the reach of any and every person who wants to cure himself of mental, emotional, or physical disorder and disease. It explains the essence of wellbeing through breath, sleep, and sexuality in a very simple and logical manner with practical examples for easy comprehension. Philosophy and science have been so logically inter-woven that one finds an answer to any curiosity that arises while going through the book. 


Meditation The Cure should not be called a book! It’s actually a way of life. It has all that is required to live your life completely and not just that also empowers to cure others. The more I read it, the more insights happen. It's a continuous journey with MTC. A must-have for every home. 

K.J. Singh

This book synthesizes ancient wisdom into modern man's daily life. Very well written and explained in simple terms for the modern age man to understand, accept and practice. I'm practicing the NV Swimming technique every day and I must say this is the basic practice prescribed in the book yet comes across as a powerful technique. We all oscillate between the higher plane and the lower plane of living and this book teaches simple techniques which made it easy for us to sustain our life in the higher plane of living. I have tried many techniques in these 7 years of my journey in knowing the self and I must declare that Naveen's work has worked for me. Naveen, I'm very much indebted to you for making the techniques accessible for the ones who are hungry. Thanks for satiating my hunger. 


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