Are you aware how you are wired up for misery?



Module I Commences: 11th August 2020

Chetna Commences: 13th August 2020

Module II Commences : 14th August 2020

Whispering Wisdom

Learn the meditation that cures; thousands have learnt it and reversed their suffering through the last decade.

Young Adults

Sexual energy is one of the three significant mystical phenomenon. Decode its purpose and learn how suppression and indulgence leads to destruction.


When answers to the questions are within us, then we first need to learn how to turn inwards. A basic level program which is the starting point for everyone.

Vedna (Module I)

To prevent reversal in the learnings of Chetna digital and at the same time advancing you on the path of recovery from deep rooted traumas, abuses, tragedies- which requires handholding

Manthan (Module II)

We fear dark. And store it in our subconscious. We want to move into the light. But we end up attracting suffering and tragedies. Learn the science of dark to embrace the light

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You shall find an aggregation of all our programs and interventions here. Apart from the standalone interventions, we have also brought them together as a combination. This maybe advisable and beneficial for you, based on the severity of your issue, or the juncture of the program that you last completed. So, go ahead to know more about the program combinations, here, and open upto the energies of your journey ahead with us, by enrolling here.

Digital Chetna + Module 1 + Module 2

Internship + Research + Meditation Retreat + Meditation Practices = Induction in NV Life.

Who Are We

We are a research & well-being organisation with a vision to bring the cure to every household.


Here is a quick review of what the book has to offer and how it can be used as a scientific tool to cure your disease, distress and disorder.

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